Air Max 13

The Flyknit Racer was my travel pick last time around due to its weight and breathability, but this year’s choice would be the all-black colorway of the Air Max LD Zero because of its versatility. A great all-around shoe to fit all types of travel situations. Have to give props to Hiroshi-san for these hybrid ideas.A great everyday shoe — light and durable. This is actually my first pair of Half Cabs, as I’m more of a fan of the Old Skool, but the colorway wins it for me. I also love the fact that they kept branding as minimal as possible (only on the insole).The colorway choice might surprise a lot of people (due to my almost monochrome picks from 2015), but you just have to get the OG colorway when it comes to ACG.

The 2016 update is a lot more streamlined than its origin, but it still captures the model’s unique DNA. The Hyperfuse upper reduces the overall weight of the shoe, while working against the sole unit to make the shape a lot more aggressive than its predecessors.Can’t believe these are still sitting on shelves… These are easily one of the most comfortable sneakers I have. The Hyperfuse and leather lacing is a nice contrast to the overall aesthetic. The latter also improves the fit in working with the slip-on upper design. Although it doesn’t remotely look like the original LWP, Nike did a great job with the overall design direction. And the bonus in the pack is probably the shoe bag, Google it!

As a big fan of hybrids, these are definitely one of the better combinations between football (soccer for the US audience) and running soles. The overall fit is perfect, which prevents your foot from sliding on the footbed. A super important factor with slip-on models. The simple colorway also adds to the wearability overall. Although I also like the Predator-inspired variant that was just released.