Air Max one femme

As part of Nike’s back-to-school offerings, the Beaverton camp drops a new edition of the Air Max 1 in “Game Royal.” The well-appointed colorway is locked down with a white midsole and contrasting light blue on the upper, finished by hits of orange on the heel, air bubble and tongue. For New York Knicks fans looking to rep their team colors, you’ve got more than enough time to snag a pair before October 29 when the Knicks face off against the Milwaukee Bucks.Nike designers first introduced the new Hyperfuse technology in 2010 in basketball. Breathability, weight and stability were the two main ingredients that the new technology was supposed to solve. The three layers of the technology are fused together, using heat and pressure, resulting in a level of precision that is impossible to achieve via traditional cut-and-sew methods. The result is not only a new technology, new features, but also a new look.

What does it take to turn your vision into a reality? It takes a small revolution. It will never be easy; you’re going to encounter people who tell you it isn’t worth it, that you can’t do it, or that it’s already been done. The haters. It’s what happened when Tinker Hatfield suggested making the air sack in the sole of a Nike sneaker visible for the first time. Not that big of a deal, right? People literally tried to fire him…But for your creative vision to happen, you have to at least have one of these three: conviction and belief in yourself; you’ve got to be honest; and you’ve got to have an independent mindset. No revolution can survive without these three; no creative vision will ever be realized. If we thought any differently, then nothing would ever change and nothing would get done.

As we approach the 30th anniversary of the first Air Max release and the realization of Hatfield’s own vision, we wanted to know what kind of person it takes to realize a creative vision. Commemorating Air Max’s roots in European street culture, we partnered with Nike and journeyed across three European capitals to get into the mindset of everyday visionaries and discover what it takes to turn a personal dream into a reality. First up: Berlin.